My Tainted Blood by Hubert C. Kueter, 53 black and white photos & illustrations, 400 pp

Quality Paperback, ISBN 978-1-882190-88-1

US $16.95

“With a large dose of humor, Hubert Kueter has written a fascinating book that is hard to put down. The experience of people with mixed background in Nazi Germany is an area of great interest to historians, and this account will contribute to it. But the book offers much more. It is written with a wit and elegance that reveal a remarkable talent. Kueter relishes in his schemes to outwit the Nazis, and he takes every opportunity to reveal his passion for culinary intricacies, which he describes in vivid prose. The book is often so downright funny that it almost lets the reader forget the very serious context of persecution, war, and other direct threats.” —Raffael Scheck, PhD, Chair, Department of History, Colby College

From the Foreword: “This is what the novels of magic realism and Hubert Kueter’s My Tainted Blood do to a high degree. They take their readers on wondrous journeys driven by myth and memory.” —Peter Arnds, PhD, professor of German and Italian, Kansas State University

From the Introduction: “Hubert Kueter’s accomplishment in this memoir is a unique literary triumph, but it is as well a vivid account of the strength of the human spirit.” —Ferdinand Jones, PhD, professor emeritus of Psychology, Brown University