Anita de Laguna Haviland

For her thirteenth birthday, Anita asked her parents for “my own typewriter, please. I want to write books for children.”

She received that typewriter, and now more than a few years later, here is her first book about Clipper. Anita grew up in New York on Long Island and in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with a bit of time in Arlington, Virginia, during WWII.

A summer spent in Wyoming camping out, to relax the whole family after the war, lasted a lifetime. She attended Bryn Mawr, where she met a graduate student destined soon to be her husband, anthropologist William A. Haviland.

In the spring of 1961, she left college to join Bill in the field at Tikal, Guatemala, as his laboratory assistant. The next few years were a wonderful time of babies and finally returning to college and graduation. In Vermont, while Bill taught at the university, they raised three sons and kept farm animals, including a pet goose, sheep, turkeys, and bantam hens.

In 2000 Anita and Bill fulfilled a long-held dream and moved to the coast of Maine to his family’s summer home and built their own winter residence. There they live with Great-Auntie Sweetie, who is really named Oxford.

She started to write the Clipper series on Deer Isle, Maine.

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Or on Amazon for Clipper’s the Boss

Clipper’s ABC’s

Clipper and the Village Bully

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