Many of our publications can easily span and merge into more than one of the four categories of our thematic emphasis where they are divided into the pages of Inspiration, Place, History and Imagination. Here are they are listed together.


Thomas Votary, Medieval Oxford Coroner: The King’s Gold Double Leopards  The law is up for grabs in the Hundred Years War as lawless landlords try to control Thomas so he won’t unveil their secrets, but he believes in reason and evidence and the love of a villein who is trying to escape bondage.

Soto’s Song
Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire, and earth. Art book.

Conversations with Quetzalcoatl Humorous, lighthearted vignettes about pre-Columbian culture, with flashes of fantasy and wonder of the unexplained.

The Proud and
the Immortal

Takes us into the world of a homeless community living in disused Amtrak train tunnels in New York City.

My Tainted Blood
Follows the author as a German Jewish teenager in wartime Breslau and post-WWII Germany. A coming-of-age survival story with magic realism.

One Good Thing
Mac McCabe, the owner of Allagash Air, flies his billionaire customers into the Maine wilderness to shake them down with unforgettable experiences.

A Myth of Messina
An autobiographical novel of growing up in the Russian community of Richmond, Maine. Insights of a second-generation immigrant youth.

Real Political Tales
Humorous stories about Maine politics by Neil Rolde, a veteran politician. Based on real events during the author’s life.

Exile Space
Famed professor of art history, Esther Pasztory’s fourteenth book is a mix of memoir, essay and fiction about her own past and America’s.

What the Farmer Told the Bard, a Novel of Erotic Panpsychism
“This rich, dense, playful novel of philosophical, historical, and metaphysical inquiry… The novel’s chief attraction is Cornell du Houx’s witty, daring, allusive prose… Imaginative vigor pulses through descriptive scenes in which characters encounter gods and Shakespeare’s fairies.” -The BookLife Prize by Publishers Weekly

Coastal Maine in
Words and Art

Seventeen Maine writers tell stories about the Maine coast with depth, insight, candor, irony, wit and humor. For anyone who has or wants to visit Maine. Photographic art.

Blown Apart
Based on a true story. A house of suspected Nazi spies is blown up in a small town in Maine. Intrigue with a U-boat captain and unexpected romance.

Crimes of War
This novel is based on the actual massacre by the Nazi SS of the small town of Oradour-sur-Glane during World War II.

Egg Time in Augusta
Life as the son of the famous writer, Henry Roth, in the 1960s in Maine through three narrative perspectives.

Welcome Radio
Disk jockey Annie Stillwater Gray recreates her ten-year radio show in this novel about Maine’s northern border town of Angels’ Notch.

Woodland of Weir
A future America emerges in 2276 from catastrophe and upheaval after a failed attempt to destroy Halley’s comet.

To Denmark, With Love
Year after year, Denmark has been rated highest for happiness and quality of life. What’s their secret?

Young Adult & Children’s Fiction

The Legend of Aurora
When a boy’s wish on the northern lights comes true, & he begins an adventure.

Poetry with a child’s eye, including lively pumpkins, cats, rain puddles, leaf boats and stormy weather dragons. For bedtime reading enjoyment.

Manitou: a Mythological
Journey in Time

Five teens sail into Manitou, the Land of living imagination. They meet mythological nature guides.

A Voice for the Redwoods The heartwarming life story of a California Redwood, told through its eyes, spanning from a time when America was inhabited by Native Americans up to modern times

Nine Lives
on the Street

A pampered pet’s luxurious lifestyle comes to an abrupt end and he is suddenly forced to live on NYC streets.

One Dream and
Collected Stories

Stories by teenagers in Maine, and Bet from Virginia about the affects of alcohol abuse on their lives. Some are fictionalized. All based on fact.

Women Who Walk
With the Sky

These eight modern myths that have roots in traditional tales all have women who are the main characters, making them fresh with a new liberating point of view.

Winnie and Tate
Two ducks find their way to a new home. As Winnie and Tate’s world expands in the backyard, so does their circle of friends.

Clipper’s ABC’s
Journey with Clipper, the adorable Maine island puppy, as he takes children into his world, while teaching the ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese

Mr. Tiggywiggle: A Tale of Tails  Planning of the Fourth of July takes a turn, when new ideas are introduced. . . Those new suggestions kerfuffle Town Council members so much that they take home the wrong tails – and start acting like each other!

The Adventures of Sir Goblin, Feline Knight
For adults too. A well-researched story about a precocious cat.

Martin McMillan & the Lost Inca City
On an archaeological dig with his parents in Peru—Martin skateboards down a secret path to adventure.

Wisdom of Bear
Humorous, original, and moving tales about our relationship to nature and how to help, based on mythology.

Madalynn the
Monarch Butterfly

Journey with Madalynn as she migrates to Mexico. Madalynn encounters a variety of birds on her travels. In Spanish and English. Great for classrooms.

Two Birds in a Box
Join the Dee family as they adopt and raise two little sparrows in their home with humility and humor.

Millicent the Magnificent
Amanda discovers the magic in music when a mockingbird named Millicent speaks. A heartwarming tale of the wonders music and nature inspires.

Soto’s Song
Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire, and earth. A coming of age mystical journey. Art Book

Clipper’s the Boss
Clipper thinks it’s best to be boss but quickly learns being in charge has its downsides. Beautifully illustrated.

Clipper and the
Village Park Bully

Our favorite Deer Isle puppy visits the park for the first time. He’s excited to make new friends, but then park bully snarls at him.


The Poems of Maria Caridad Lara Sciaky about nature by a soul unafraid of powerful and enduring literary fashions.

Moods and Memories
that merges Russian and American traditions. It’s truly a thought provoking journey into one’s soul.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Book I

Dave Kroner explores the nature of existence in poetry & philosophy.

Poetry with a child’s eye, including lively pumpkins, cats, rain puddles, leaf boats and stormy weather dragons. For bedtime reading enjoyment.

Vision in Poetry
and Painting

Trudy Overlock, a multi-talented woman with a deep range of life experience keenly observes nature.

Nighthawk’s Dreams
Let your imagination wander into poetic lands filled with true love, adventure and myth.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Book II

This book is a continuation of Davie Kroner’s meditations on life and death.


Maine’s world of water and wonder

Growing up on an Island in Maine
A true account from a man who was raised on a Maine island during the Depression.

Above the Gravel Bar
With this book you can put your canoe in a nearby river and travel prehistoric Maine’s Native American canoe routes.

A Winter Apprentice
Memoir. Insights into life in a Maine boatyard, where John Holt Willey worked and kept a journal from 1978-79.

At the Place of
Lobsters and Crabs

For thousands of years, native people lived on Deer Isle and the surrounding islands. This is their history.

The Way Things Were
True stories and essays that portray life on Deer Isle, Maine during the steamboat era, from the 1840s until late in 1942.

Your Maine Lands
A master Maine guide introduces the free amenities of the nearly one million acres of Maine’s public lands, including hunting and fishing.

General Nonfiction

Project Omaha Beach
Memoir by decorated WWII medic and Penobscot Indian elder Charles Norman Shay, who landed in the first wave at Normandy on D-day.

Unicycle: The Book of Fictitious Symmetry and Non-Random Truth (Nature’s Democratic Pi)
The discovery of universal human rights and the ethics of nature.

Venice and the Water
An analysis of the complex relationship between Venice and its environment, with an eye toward current climate issues.

Transformations—Revealing Nature’s Complex Balance Ramona du Houx uses the camera with a painter’s eye. She has exhibited internationally. Unique photographic art book.

Scattered Souls

Memoir by the child of a Holocaust survivor. A self-probing, insightful journey in Maine, Germany, Mexico, China, and beyond.

Penobscot Traditions
A realistic imagining of Penobscot Indian life in the Maine woods before Europeans arrived, based on research by Nicholas N. Smith, PhD.

More Than a Teardrop in the Ocean Vol I
The War Refugee Board saved over 200,000 lives during the Holocaust. This is the history of its extraordinary work

Breckinridge Long: American Eichmann???
The extent of Long’s efforts to impede immigration to safe harbor in the U.S.A. for Jews and gentiles alike is uncovered.

Freda’s Diary
A diary that spans seven decades from a religious woman who spent her life in rural Solon, Maine.

Journal of a 2nd Lieutenant in Iraq
Memoir. White recalls his deployment as a 2nd Lieutenant in Maine’s 133rd National Guard Engineer Battalion. He was at a bombing on base.

The environment’s rhythmic polarity for the health of the economy is introduced step by step with the ancient sutra. These inspiring sutras help bring balance.

Aliens and Fakes
An untangling of popular, often fantastical, beliefs about the origins of people in the ancient Americas. Here is the reality from a professor who spent a lifetime in pursuit of the truth.

Letters from a
Civil War Surgeon

These personal communications take us into the major battles of the Civil War and a first-hand assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

On Point
Perspectives from an emerging generation of elected officials. These true stories inspire with young adults taking their elected roles in our democracy.

Three Hundred
Years in Thirty

A mixture of personal recollection and ethnohistory of the Mistassini people. Based on research by Nicholas N. Smith, PhD.

More Than a Teardrop in the Ocean Vol II
The second book in Neil Rolde’s comprehensive history of the World War II Refugee Board.  The continuing history.

The Skill of a Seeker: Rowling, Religion, and Gen 9/11Seeker
An analysis of the relationships between religion, the Harry Potter books, and Millennials.

A Writers’ Compendium
Words about writing, by influential writers from Abe Lincoln to Steven King.

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