Wisdom of Bear

Holly Barry, Dawn Renée Levesque, & Ramona du Houx

Beginning with the story of a little boy who wanders off to live with bears, bringing a name to his people, this collection of poems and prose explores our relationship with Nature and her bears, with humorous, original, and moving tales based on mythology.

Wisdom of Bear bridges the generations. There is plenty of insight interwoven in a series of magical, mythological tales to fascinate the mind of a child with a bedtime story, or in the classroom for discussion.

Two epic poems with strong ringing rhymes full of bright images and action. Love stories in a mythical context that allows young people to enjoy romantic events, as in the Shrek movies, with a humorous sense of equal opportunity. Native American stories that broaden the sense of our heritage. Stories of coming of age and rights of passage. The mystery of feral children who return from the wild launches the theme of how we can learn from the animals, how Nature’s positive forces can speak to us through a bear.

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