What the Farmer Told the Bard

Paul V. Cornell du Houx

It’s a world where you build your personal panoply of credit. You wear it like armor and rise as a cybertype in a hierarchy of avatars, by watching your own Orpheus Chronicles.

One of you is suspected to be the return of the Christ. The camera is on a computer scientist who has developed a sexual truth-seeking path-finder that uncovers past lives. A race to identify and save him — or sacrifice him for credit — builds into a global crisis of monotheism. Puck, Titania and other pagan gods from Shakespeare’s comedies take the stage, as runes encoded in a monument to the Bard come to life, and the planet slides into chaos in the grip of an extraterrestrial media takeover. Mind games will not be enough to save humanity from a vast usurpation of identity, as the word is made flesh. (Includes 25 illustrations of the runes in the monument.)

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