The Legend of Aurora

Susan Ellen Katz

A lonely boy’s wish upon the northern lights comes true, when he finds himself on a magical adventure to the enchanted Music Shoppe, where all the instruments are alive! There, he not only discovers his heart’s desire, but the secret origin of the Aurora Borealis.


“This starlit saga takes us to the realm of dreams, music and imagination. Rest and be rewarded with this lyric, romantic story.”

—Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect, The Harmony of Health, and Sound Spirit

“A masterpiece of fantasy that stimulates the imagination while celebrating the importance of diversity, multicultural education, and character development. This empowering adventure is an enormously entertaining addition to any young person’s life or classroom experience.”

— Nancy Mramor, PhD, winner of 2006 COVR Award for Spiritual Fitness

“This wonderful book uses the powerful, creative, and enlightening benefits of music, which deeply touch our souls at every age, to enhance learning and inspire young people to gain confidence and discover their inner selves.”

—Gretchen Van Hoesen, Principal Harpist, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

“Fantasy and truth are woven together to tell the story of a young boy facing changes in his life. Using vivid imagery and Harry Potter-like magic that children have come to love, the reader is taken to new realms of possibility. But The Legend of Aurora is more than magic; it is a story of finding one’s inner compass. It is a story of hope, peace, harmony, wisdom, and most of all empowerment.”

—Roberta Kardell, Principal, Kentucky Avenue School

“The Legend of Aurora is filled with uplifting messages and important values that demonstrate ways we as human beings can heal from losses and other painful experiences, regardless of our age. This magical work is joyful, compassionate and most certainly touches the heart.”

—Peggy Elkus, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

“This beautifully written tale is one for people of all ages. It is captivating as well as instructive. The underlying themes of self-discovery and empowerment are dynamics that give foundational and educational food for thought. Music educators, music therapists, and all those who assist in the educational development of little people, adolescents, and even adults will find it is truly a gift! Tending to the mystery of the self, as it unfolds within the story, mirrors our own special journey, as the reader discovers the wonder of their uniquely gifted being.”

—Sister Donna Marie Beck, Ph.D., FAMI, MT-BC, Professor Emeritus, School of Music Therapy, Duquesne University

“It’s all here a unique, well-crafted, insightful legend that includes brilliant characters, appealing plot, and distinctive setting, woven together in a musical motif to teach young readers life’s lessons of hope, healing, and determination. Stellar!”

—Gail Ghai, author of Dividing by Stones and Surfaces of the Map

“This is an enchanting tale of a wondrous journey of one young life that is powerfully touched and transformed by the mystical and magical power of music. A story filled with hope of the exciting expectation of a better tomorrow is encouraged by the soothing and healing powers of the harp.”

—Lucy Scandrett, President, American Harp Society

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