The Poems of Maria Caridad Lara Sciaky

Maria Caridad Lara Sciaky

The work of a spirit unafraid of powerful and enduring literary fashions and taboos, these poems exhibit a refreshing sensitivity to the superficial as well as the profound trends in the history of the craft. They arise.

“The schematic structure of Maria’s poetry is very similar and best described by comparing it to a musical configuration called a fugue,” wrote Albert Sciaky, Maria’s loving husband of fifty years.

With sensitivity and chilling insights, many of poems highlight the quest of women to be free.

“Maria takes us on journeys in time — to reflect on the present. She bares her soul in verses that are compelling, and real. The poems touch a secret part of every woman’s soul. Maria connects with us through hidden worries, concerns and loves that we all might have. She lets me know I’m not alone in my thoughts and struggles to find a place to work in harmony — within a ‘man’s’ world,” said Ramona du Houx, the book’s artist. “It’s an honor to have my photographs included in a book of her amazing insightful poems. I feel indebted to her.”

The need to trust in man, but never knowing if betrayal awaits down the road is ever present in Maria’s work. In other poems she lets us get to know a man who exhibits unconditional love and whose love is equally reciprocated. 

Women and men will find Maria’s poems enlightening.

“While reading Maria’s poetry, it is important to be informed that she believed she was divulging her personal and private inner self through her poems,” wrote Albert.

The torment that is evident in Maria’s soul in some of the poems is a pain many women will understand. They will forever be grateful Maria shared her inner thoughts, which gives us solace knowing we’re not alone.

They embrace tradition through rhymes evocative of song, along with the blank verse modes currently popular. To sing in verse of the universal themes in detail and in succinct lines is one of the greatest creative challenges. To offer combinations of form melded into a seamless style is a much-needed gift and guide for the postmodern culture we might think we have surpassed.

The themes in Maria’s poetry, rooted in nature’s diverse landscapes, are accompanied by the photographic art of Ramona du Houx.  All images are in color.

The editor’s preface provides personal insight into the vistas opened up in each poem.

ISBN- 978-1882190-48-5

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