The Adventures of Sir Goblin, the Feline Knight

Barbara E. Moss

Goblin is not an ordinary cat. He appears to be like most cats; he can’t talk human-speak, he doesn’t wear boots or carry a sword or walk on his hind legs, and he would rather scratch up furniture than wear a showy hat or people clothes, but he does possess something unique: a knack for finding adventure.

Somehow Goblin manages to get himself knighted, save lives, solve crimes, reveal a secret plot, and change the destiny of a struggling medieval village. Join this unusual, twenty-pound tomcat in seven tales of adventure and mystery as he becomes the center of extraordinary events.

Experience the sights, sounds, and realities of medieval Europe through true-to-life descriptions of knights, castles, town life, religion, and the hardships and successes of daily life in the Middle Ages.

Meet Goblin and friends, and be prepared for a story that will make you want to do as the cats do and say “Mrrt!”

Available in Hardcover and paperback

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