Millicent the Magnificent

Burton R. Hoffmann

Amanda discovers that there is magic in music when a mockingbird she names Millicent speaks.

When Millicent sings, Amanda’s piano teacher is enchanted, and the new friends and family plan a musical career for the magical mockingbird. Kids in the 3rd to 7th grade range will love the way Amanda makes friends with Millicent,, transforming the lives of Amanda’s music teacher and family as they all come to terms with the magic of music. Amanda’s piano lessons will never be the same!

With a PhD from Columbia University, the author devoted himself to teaching choral and instrumental music in the public schools of Iowa and Westchester County, New York, before extending his experience with the written word.

“Millicent is a charming story that will help children appreciate the wonders of classical music.”

—John Brown, The Eagle Review

Millicent the Magnificent by Burton R. Hoffmann, with 7 black & white tableaux by Emily du Houx, 64pp Quality Paperback, 5.5″x8.5″, ISBN 1-882190-68-8 US $12

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