Letters From A Civil War Surgeon

Dr. William Child of the Fifth New Hampshire Volunteers

These civil war letters, locally discovered and shown on CNN, Paula Zahn Now, were published with 176 black & white halftones including over 150 pictures of the original letters next to the text, transcribed by Dr. Child’s descendents.

The compassionate strength that gets him through the war makes Dr. Child a writer of wit, humor, candor, understanding, emotion and fact. His writings take us into the war, into his time, as we relive most of the major battles, the struggles, and are given special insights into the politics of his time. His words and honest assessment of the war give us an understanding that can help heal the wounds that still divide us, for he unites the country with letters that have balanced insights. As a witness to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, he writes an eyewitness account that leaves you speechless.

Letters From A Civil War Surgeon by Dr. William Child of the Fifth New Hampshire Volunteers, 400pp Quality Paperback, 6.125″x9.25″, ISBN 1-882190-66-1 US $25 This title is out of print, but copies might be available at other sites online.

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