Winnie and Tate

Nancy Crinklaw

Two ducks find their way to a new home. As Winnie and Tate’s world expands in the backyard woodland pond, so does their circle of friends.

They meet a variety of animals and discover that dangers can sometimes lurk around the corner. Exciting firsts and scary life events rally the family and their ducks in vivid and lasting ways.

Vivid situations come to life in this wonderful adventure. 

Author, Nancy Crinklaw, brings us into the world of these adorable ducks as they grow, getting into mischief at every turn, and bringing about changes within the family of humans and within themselves.

Nancy’s sister, Joanne Langston, magically brought the ducks to life in her watercolors.

You can purchase the book on amazon HERE. Or directly from Polar Bear at

To learn more go to Winnie and Tate’s facebook page HERE.

For Nancy’s author page, and to learn more about Joanne’s art please go HERE.


I was thoroughly entertained with the adventures of Winnie and Tate. The author gives just enough background about the pair coming to live with a new family, that you just keep reading and want to know more once you finish the book.

I think it will entertain many age groups and has a few life lessons for all. I hope to see a continuation of the story in the near future and in the meantime I will remember to be mindful of the “dark side” of the pond!

Lisa A Paulon

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