Freda’s Diary: The Ongoing Life of a Central Maine Woman, 1927-1999 — a Born-Again Experience

Freda C Merry

This is a diary with entries on specific days over seven decades.

The sociologist, the student of human nature, the member of Freda’s community, anyone interested in the factual record of a life reborn into the Baptist religion will find insights and inspiration on many levels. The story of the American woman is here, from a marginalized life in rural central Maine of the 1920s, to a position of leadership in the community.

The faith-based community will relate to the simplicity of this honest accounting of a life-in-progress. For the historian, this is raw data of the 20th century in rural America, specifically Maine. Progress is often measured by small material improvements over long periods of time. From the horse and buggy to the automobile, we get perspective on consumerism and true American values. For the sociologist, we experience the social conditions that engender religion and the way a woman can find respect in the community. This is the sort of information that the father of the modern novel, Gustave Flaubert, would have pored over while writing Madame Bovary or A Simple Heart.

Freda’s Diary: The Ongoing Life of a Central Maine Woman, 1927-1999 — a Born-Again Experience by Freda C Merry, 40 b&w photos, 224pp Quality Paperback, 8.5″x5.5″, ” ISBN-13: 978-1-882190-56-0, ISBN-10: 1-882190-56-4 US $12

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