The Deadman’s Guide to Living, Book I: Correcting Life’s Mistakes Before You Make Them

Dorian E. Deveraux

Correcting Life’s Mistakes Before You Make Them is the first in this series of thought-provoking, philosophical poetry meant to stimulate, motivate, and enlighten one’s mind into a new level of conscious thought: taking one’s spirit through the negatives and positives of existence and leaving you with more answers than questions.

The author describes his work as mainly philosophy, but the poetry is undeniable. Perhaps this is an innovative kind of poetry, where the way that a poem can open up the more you reread it conveys in this case an increasing understanding of a densely packed logic and consistency that comes to life and rewards the readers’s patience many time over.

We are encouraged, time and again, with rhythm leading to understanding, that no matter how downbeat or uplifting the poem, like life, patience and increasing awareness itself is worthwhile. You may experience the joy of the puzzle pieces falling into place, even in spite of yourself, where you disagree with the philosophy.


XXVII QUESTIONABLE ANSWERS The ultimate question; yet, no ultimate answer. Wearied minds as withered branches Lacerating the back of our minds’ eye: Watching and waiting; Weathering the turbulent twists of fate Which tethers us to wisdom’s effects, To our objective truths, And strengthens our subjective motives. Being exposed to the mundane And futile attempts at our salvation: To taint and refute the ultimate answers, Which have already been accepted From the ultimate questions: That is their united goal.

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