Nighthawk’s Dreams

Jesse Arbour

Jesse “Nighthawk” Arbour has the creativity that inspires you to recollect poems that conjure mythical lands.

Tolkien’s world is Nighthawk’s. He expresses his love in a very open, fresh way with insights one feels from Hardy’s work. Come, let your imagination wander into the lands reminiscent of true love, adventure and myth.

The book also introduces poets Nikki Canelli & Emily du Houx; with 21 black & white Illustrations: drawings by Cory Harrill, photographic art, including fine art nudes, by Vance Cornell and from the Creative Photographic Art Center in Lewiston, Maine, by Dr. Thomas Dunn Jr., Steve Carleson, and Erin Sobodacha, and from Nihon University in Japan, details of the photographic art of Takafumi Suzuki, and including the painting “Goddess” by Kit Monroe.

Nighthawk’s Dreams, poems by Jesse Arbour and other unknown poets with Shakespeare, Hardy & Tolkien. 64pp, 21 illustrations. Quality Paperback, 6.125″x9.25″, ISBN 1882190-10-6 US $12

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