One Dream and Collected Stories

Bet Shoshannah Pecora

Pete’s on a downward cycle. His alcoholic mother commits suicide, he finds himself in an orphanage, his friends entice him into taking drugs. But Pete is not going to give up that easily. With the help of those who love him he remembers his one dream.

One Dream and Collected Stories, a novel by Bet Shoshannah Pecora and anonymous authors, stories collected by the Carrabec Youth Voices Task Force in Maine.

“The stories give searing insight into the impact that alcohol and other drugs have on our young people.”

—Maine Governor John Baldacci

“It’s a powerful book, and I was deeply moved not only by the stories the young people of Carrabec Youth Voices wrote, but also by their dedication to helping their fellow teenagers make wise decisions.”

—President William Jefferson Clinton

128pp Quality Paperback, 4.5″x7″, ISBN 1-882190-60-2, US $10

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