Woodland of Weir: America in 2276 AD

Nikolai Dejevsky

The state of Maine will never look the same.

The New United States of America – NUSA – is emerging from two centuries of environmental catastrophe and social upheaval after an attempt to destroy Halley’s comet has gone awry. The psychological aftershocks have played into the hands of a power elite who have used a mythical version of the old United States to build a dictatorship disguised as democracy. NUSA is dependent on new technology unearthed by teams of specialists. One such team is sent into the northeastern Zone, beyond the borders of accepted civilization — into central Maine. With discovery comes the risk of truth, love and betrayal in the name of patriotism, in an unfolding romance in the Woodland of Weir.

Woodland of Weir: America in 2276 AD by Nikolai Dejevsky, 152pp Quality Paperback, 5.5″x8.5″, ISBN 1-882190-62-9 US $10

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