Barbara E. Moss

Barbara Edinger Moss has had a life-long love of cats. As a baby she pointed to the family cat and said her first word: mao-wow. Her parents thought that was the infant girl’s attempt to say meow and communicate with her kitty in its own language.

Languages always intrigued her, and as a student she studied Spanish, German, and when Sputnik was sent heavenward, she began the study of Russian. She translated professionally until the mid 1990s, usually rendering Russian scientific journals into English for the benefit of American scientists.

She holds a degree in zoology from St. Lawrence University and attended graduate school at Cornell. She worked as a research assistant at the Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory at Yale University before moving to Massachusetts and raising three children.

Mrs. Moss began writing in the 1970s and is the author of two books, Mo, Cat of My Heart and Working Cats of Southern New England and many magazine and newspaper articles.

In 2006 she was a prizewinner in the Amazing Cat Tales contest, and her work appears in the anthology by that name published by Linden Hill Press.

The author lives in Westport, MA, with her husband and their cat Dexter (in the photo).

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