Bet Shoshannah Pecora

A graduate of the College of William and Mary, Bet Shoshannah Pecora was a resident of Hume, Virginia, a small town where she lived her entire life. Bet is now a doctor in her community.

She wrote her novel, One Dream, at the age of fifteen, and hopes to write and publish more works like it. Besides writing, Bet has devoted her time to playing her piano, violin, guitar, drums, and even used to sing in the choir.

Having lived in a part of the country where horses are especially popular, she rides and looks forward to owning some horses one day.

Bet Shoshannah wrote One Dream to inform teenagers her age about the harsh world. While doing this, she hopes to open some eyes that are currently shut, and maybe influence even one person from doing anything that would harm their life, or the lives of others.

Read more about One Dream Here.

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