Carroll M. Haskell

“Of the many books that have been written about the people who live on islands off the Maine coast, few are by individuals who were born and raised on an island. This book is an exception.

“Born in 1927, Carroll M. Haskell (known as ‘Cabbage’ to most islanders) grew up on Deer Isle, graduating from Stonington High School in 1945. Over the years, he did all the things island boys did: besides getting into mischief, he clammed, went lobstering, worked on the granite quarry, and went yachting, before settling into a career with the telephone company.

“So here is an authentic voice, the ‘real deal,’ giving us an insider’s account of what island life was like during the difficult years of the Depression and World War II, a period when old island ways were about to give way to a changed world. At the same time, we may delight in the adventures of this resourceful and free-spirited lad, as he confronted the challenges of growing up in a distinct place and time.” —William A. Haviland, author of At the Place of the Lobsters and Crabs: Indian People and Deer Isle, Maine, 1605–2005

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