Esther Pasztory

“I am often looking for a humorous, lighthearted read on a serious topic, with a bit of fantasy thrown in. So I wrote some myself.

As a Hungarian immigrant, my fascination is with the Americas, from Maine to Mexico, all interesting places, all temporarily homes. Some still inhabited by the ghosts of Indians,” wrote Esther.

Esther Pasztory was the Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor of pre-Columbian Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University.

She now lives in California after living on the Maine coast. She’s known throughout the world for her central and south American expertize in the pre-Colombian peoples.

She was born in Hungary and is the author of a memoir entitled “Remove Trouble from Your Heart,” 2008.

Her fiction work includes the historical romance “Daughter of the Pyramids: Colonial Tales,” 2002, and a sequel, “The Death of Professor Brown,” in preparation. She has published extensively in the field of pre-Columbian art.

For her website go HERE.

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