Books to go to for Inspiration

Defining terms:

(Inspiration) Poetry, philosophy, reflections, words to court epiphany; morsels to evoke original thought; unusual intersections; underdogs who overcome; guides for living; words to turn to in a tough spot; thoughts to chew on; avenues of escape; idea-making; lightning in the blood.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Book I
Kroner explores the nature of existence in poetry & philosophy.
A reflective journey.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Book II
This book is a continuation of Kroner’s meditations on life and death.

Freda’s Diary
A diary that spans seven decades from a religious woman who spent her life in rural Maine.

The Legend of Aurora
When a boy’s wish on the northern lights comes true, he begins a magical adventure.

Manitou: A Mythological
Journey in Time
Five teens sail into Manitou, the Land of living imagination.

Millicent the Magnificent
Amanda discovers the magic in music when a mockingbird named Millicent speaks.

Moods and Memories
Poetry that merges Russian and American traditions.

Nighthawk’s Dreams
Let your imagination wander into poetic lands filled with true love, adventure and myth.

On Point
Perspectives from an emerging generation of elected officials.

One Dream and
Collected Stories
Stories by young people in Maine about the affects of alcohol abuse on their lives.

Real Political Tales
Fictional stories about politics by a veteran politician.

A Writers’ Compendium
Words about writing, by influential writers from Abe Lincoln to Steven King.

The Poems of Maria Caridad Lara Sciaky Poetry about nature by a spirit unafraid of powerful and enduring literary fashions and taboos.

The discovery of universal human rights in the ethics of nature.

The Skill of a Seeker
An analysis of the relationships between religion, Harry Potter, and Millennialism.

The environment’s rhythmic polarity for the health of the economy is introduced step by step with the ancient sutra.

Two Birds in a Box
Join the Dee family as they adopt and raise two little sparrows in their home. Based on a true story.

Poetry with a child’s eye, including lively pumpkins and stormy weather dragons.

Women Who Walk
With the Sky
Modern myths with traditional roots and women as main characters.

To Denmark, With Love
Year after year, Denmark has been rated highest for happiness and quality of life. What’s their secret?

Ramona du Houx’s mysterious and abstract photographs about action, nature, and movement.

Coastal Maine in
Words and Art
Seventeen writers tell stories about the Maine coast with depth, insight, candor, irony,
wit and humor.

Vision in Poetry
and Painting
Overlock, a multi-talented woman with a deep range of life experience keenly observes nature.

Soto’s Song
Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire, and earth. Embraced by nature, he is able to find truth within himself in his song. The images are dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought-provoking.

A hodge-podge list of our favorite uplifting thinkers and makers
  • Sylvia Earle
  • Richard Holmes
  • El Anatsui
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Barbara Tversky
  • Robert MacFarlane
  • Lorraine Daston
  • Barry Lopez
  • Julia Watson
  • Olafur Elliasson
  • Merlin Sheldrake
  • Diane Ackerman
Words from writers who think about how we think

The metaphors we use deliver us hope, or they foreclose possibility.

-Robert MacFarlane

In Indigenous communities there are people, real elders, who are lightning quick in seeing patterns of what works and where risks are. This wisdom of these elders is their appreciation of complex patterns. They can see where trouble lies, and where things you are worrying about aren’t worth worrying about at all.

-Barry Lopez
Questions for you to consider or write about

What fortifies you? Who do you talk to about your beliefs? Who or what convinced you of the things that you know? How do you challenge the things you assume to be true? How do you listen to opinions that differ from your own? What strengthens your convictions? Who are your heroes?

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