Ramona du Houx

Ramona is the Communications Director for Elected Officials to Protect America, a non-profit mitigating the climate crisis by working with elected officials.

Ramona’s latest book with her photographic art is Soto’s Song. In 2019, she and Yorozuya Yohaku had their photographs in Coastal Maine in Words and Art-Gallery Fukurou’s Reflections by Maine Writers, 2019. Her first photographic art book was Transformations: Revealing nature’s complex balance.

An avid reader, artist and photographer, she taught photography, architectural drafting and design to high school students in Puerto Rico and conversational English in Kyoto and Osaka for a variety of schools and companies. While in Japan, she gave lectures on her photographic art.

In Ireland, raising 3 children, she ghost wrote a novel.

Currently she has four novels awaiting publication.

Her early photography success launched a career with exhibits in New York, Tokyo, Puerto Rico and London.

In 1991, Ramona returned to the States to live by the Kennebec River in Maine, and began writing her own books.

Ramona started MAINE INSIGHTS newsmagazine in 2004 after working extensively as a journalist.

Visit her photography site HERE.

Links to her books she’s illustrated with photographs or paintings:

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