Susan Ellen Katz

Susan Ellen Katz began her love affair with music at the tender age of five, with her first piano lesson. Her childhood dream was to play the harp. For nearly three decades, she worked as a registered music therapist, concert harpist, soloist, pianist, educator, and teacher.

Based on the life lessons found in The Legend of Aurora, she created an innovative, multidisciplinary, educational program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for elementary school students, their parents and teachers. This self-improvement program uses the incomparable power of music, creative writing, poetry, art, and storytelling, to touch the heart and inspire young people to develop their own unique talents, while learning about ethics, moral values, and the guiding principles fundamental in building strength of character.

Susan also taught music education, along with piano, voice, harp, and guitar, to children, youth, and adults.

Emily Cornell du Houx studied art at RISD. She has illustrated many books and covers for Polar Bear & Company and worked freelance in New York City. She is a graduate student in sculpture and fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design.

From the Foreword by Richard J. Kajuth, Ed.S.M.L.S., Director of Regional School Improvement Services, Ohio Department of Education: “With the recent federal and state emphasis on academic progress in the schools, the arts, and music in particular, may be sometimes relegated to a minor and inconsequential role in elementary school lives. Yet the great need for imaginative stimulus critically remains for all students. The LEGEND OF AURORA, a wonderful allegory, fulfills this need and not only entertains, but provides an insightful and touching story filled with culturally diverse characters who assist Jonathen in his own personal growth and development. This book will surely bring music of celestial light, joy and harmony to all young people who journey on their own unique paths of self-discovery.”

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