Soto’s Song – a quest of self discovery

by Dave Kroner

illustrated by Ramona du Houx

Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire, and earth. Embraced by nature, he is able to find truth within himself in his song. Color inside and out with 22 pages of photographic art.

Ramona du Houx uses the camera with a painter’s eye. Her technique involves movement to create a sense of wonder through colors, textures, memories, and the seasons. The images are dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought-provoking. All the photographic art was created on nature walks.

“Sometimes, when people look at my work, they relax and find tranquility, as by taking time to be at peace in Nature. At other times, the images can refresh, excite, or energize. I hope to connect viewers with Nature’s magic by revealing her complex balance.” –Ramona du Houx



For gallery edition, printed offset contact duhoux2(at) $22.00

Purchase via Amazon

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