Books About Imagination

Defining terms:

(Imagination) Fiction, myth, time travel, utopias and dystopias, hybrid beasts and walking violins, spaces just over the horizon; mirror worlds, worlds in worlds; trees of grafted truths, a fanciful warping of facts to create something new, that which has no physical bounds, a place for adult children and childlike adults.

The Adventures of Sir Goblin, Feline Knight
For young adults and not-so-young adults, a well-researched story about a precocious cat.

Aliens and Fakes
An untangling of popular, often fantastical, beliefs about the origins of people in the ancient Americas.

Blown Apart
The story begins when a house of suspected Nazi spies is blown up in a small town in Maine. Based on a true story.

Conversations with

A humorous, lighthearted story about pre-Columbian culture, with flashes of fantasy.

Clipper and the
Village Park Bully
Our favorite Deer Isle puppy visits the park for the first time. He’s excited to make new friends, but then park bully snarls at him.

Clipper’s ABC’s
Journey with Clipper, the adorable Maine island puppy, as he takes children into his world, while teaching the ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese

Clipper’s the Boss
Clipper the Deer Isle puppy thinks it’s best to be boss but quickly learns being in charge has its downsides. Beautifully illustrated, warmly told.

Crimes of War
This novel is based on the actual massacre by the SS of a small town in France during WWII.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Vol. I
Kroner explores the nature of existence in poetry & philosophy.
A reflective journey.

The Deadman’s Guide
to Living Vol. II
This book is a continuation of Kroner’s meditations on life and death.

Egg Time in Augusta
Depicts life in Augusta through three narrative perspectives that challenge and highlight cross-cultural insights.

Exile Space
Pasztory’s fourteenth book is a mix of memoir, essay and fiction about her own past and America’s.

The Legend of Aurora
When a boy’s wish on the northern lights comes true, he begins a magical adventure.

Madalynn the
Monarch Butterfly
Journey with Madalynn as she migrates to Mexico. Madalynn encounters a variety of birds on her travels.

Manitou: a Mythological
Journey in Time
Five teens sail into Manitou, the Land of living imagination.

Martin McMillan & the Lost Inca City
Martin’s parents drag him to an archaeological dig in Peru—where he skateboards down a secret path to adventure.

Millicent the Magnificent
Amanda discovers the magic in music when a mockingbird named Millicent speaks.

A Myth of Messina
An autobiographical novel of growing up in the Russian community of Richmond, Maine.

Nine Lives
on the Street
A pampered pet’s luxurious lifestyle comes to an abrupt end and he is suddenly forced to live by his wits on the streets of NYC.

One Good Thing
Mac McCabe, the owner of Allagash Air, flies his customers into the Maine wilderness to unforgettable experiences.

The Proud and
the Immortal
Takes us into the world of a homeless community living in disused Amtrak train tunnels in New York.

Poetry with a child’s eye, including lively pumpkins and stormy weather dragons.

The Skill of a Seeker
An analysis of the relationships between religion, Harry Potter, and Millennialism.

Woodland of Weir
A future America emerges from catastrophe and upheaval after a failed attempt to destroy Halley’s comet.

What the Farmer told the Bard
Pagan gods take the stage as runes encoded in a monument come to life, and the planet slides into chaos in the grip of an extraterrestrial media takeover.

Two Birds in a Box
Join the Dee family as they adopt and raise two little sparrows in their home. Based on a true story.

A Voice for the Redwoods
Follow the life story of a California Redwood, told through its eyes, from ancient America to now.

Welcome Radio
Lifelong DJ Annie Stillwater Gray recreates her ten-year radio program in this novel about the northern Maine border town of Angels’ Notch.

Winnie and Tate
Two ducks find their way to a new home. As Winnie and Tate’s world expands in the backyard woodland pond, so does their circle of friends.

Wisdom of Bear
Humorous, original, and moving tales about our relationship to nature, based on mythology.

Women Who Walk
with the Sky

Modern myths with traditional roots and women as main characters.

Transformations—Revealing Nature’s Complex Balance Ramona du Houx uses the camera with a painter’s eye. She has exhibited internationally. Here are some of her mystical abstract photographs about action, nature, and movement. Art Book.

Soto’s Song
Travel with Soto on his mystical journey through an imagined reality, where he gains perspective and listens to the wisdom in the air, water, fire, and earth. Embraced by nature, he is able to find truth within himself in his song. The images are dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought-provoking.

 Mr. Tiggywiggle: A Tale of Tails Planning of the Fourth of July takes a turn, when new ideas are introduced. . . Those new suggestions kerfuffle Town Council members so much that they take home the wrong tails – and start acting like each other!

Some other imaginary places and things we love
  • The Lands Beyond
  • The Sea of Knowledge
  • Hobbiton
  • Lothlórien
  • The River Styx
  • Selkies
  • Kelpies
  • Badger’s House
  • Santa Clause
  • Lemuria
  • Avalon
  • Sky World
Words from those with influential imaginations

‘Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new! Then some day, some day long hence, jog home here if you will, when the cup has been drained and the play has been played, and sit down by your quiet river with a store of goodly memories for company.

-Kenneth Grahame,
The Wind in the Willows

Infinity is a dreadfully poor place. They can never manage to make ends meet.

-Norton Juster,
The Phantom Tollbooth
Questions & writing prompts to spark your imagination

What are your totem animals? Have you ever seen a ghost? What one imaginary place do you most wish actually existed? What is true that is almost hard to believe that it is true? What did you daydream today? What magic powers do your friends and family secretly harbor? What myths were passed down to you by your people?

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